About Us

SWASH Village is an NGO initiative that was founded in India in 2011 with an aim to promote sanitation, hygiene & waste management  in rural India by developing community based  sustainable and equitable solutions, and alongside generating awareness and facilitating participation, leading to healthy lives of rural and peripheral rurban (rural-urban) households. 

SWASH Village has extended its footprints in more than 5 states of India, undertaking small scale rural community applied research and fieldwork activities in focusing on varied geographic and demographic regions.

From 2017-18 onward, we wish to scale up our ground efforts to design and develop a few village community based/led sustainable rural sanitation and waste management model  projects that are replicable and scalable with a potential to positively impact and contribute to improving millions of lives. 

Alongside working in partnership with and in support of various government and community based initiatives at the local level, such as Swacch Bharat Mission, we look forward to partner with other local, national or international organisations and volunteers for knowledge, design expertise and resources support to enhance the potential outcomes of our program.