International volunteer – interns – Arrival & Accommodation

International volunteer – interns – Arrival & Accommodation


Students will likely arrive in Delhi or Mumbai(in case of arrival in Mumbai first a connecting flight to Delhi has to be taken) and then have a connecting flight to Dharamshala/Kangra Airport, 45 minutes from Naddi where our operations office is located and your induction will take place. In cases, where the connecting flight is expensive interns may also take a bus from Delhi to Dharamshala or Mcleod Ganj. 

Those interns who do not stay in the Naddi VIKAAS Centre but move to other VIKAAS centres in other regions will travel there by bus or train or plane shortly after induction is completed. The organisation will provide bookings/travel reimbursement only for the 3-tier sleeper (normal or a/c) berth of a train.


SWASH interns and all other interns of the VIKAAS centre will live in a house located in each of the villages the VIKAAS centre operates in. Most rooms have their own bathrooms and are usually shared by two same-gender interns or a couple. In few centres the bathrooms are shared by all house members.


Free broadband / wifi internet is either available at the intern house or the nearby office facility. Local SIM cards are provided to interns. Interns are required to bring their own laptop and mobile phone.


Interns are responsible for the cost of their own food. You can either cook at home or eat locally at the local restaurants or order a home delivery of food from a local house, where the food is cheap (average less than $1 per meal) and traditional North Indian (dhal, rice, chappati, curry/vegetable etc). Most interns combine both methods for food, and cook and often share meals together.


Every intern is reimbursed for approved work related travel expenses upon providing (bus/train) ticket receipts.


As an EduCARE India intern, you will live and work together with other interns from around the world. Interns do plan and take time off together or individually to travel on the weekends or in holidays. Also you will be entitled to one week off (holiday) after every 2 months of work.