Recruitment and Selection Policy


Purpose of Recruitment and Selection Policy

SWASH Village Org is committed to employing, in its best judgment, the best qualified candidates and best motivated volunteer – interns for approved organisation positions while engaging in recruitment and selection practices that are in compliance with all applicable employment laws. It is the policy of the organisation to provide equal employment opportunity for employment to all applicants and employees.

The appropriate authorization is required to initiate any action for an open position, including any recruitment efforts, advertising, interviewing and offers of employment, and is required to extend any offers of employment to any candidate.

Recruitment Process

  1. The hiring supervisor/manager submits an approved, completed requisition to the HR department.
  2. The HR department will assign a requisition number to assist in tracking and reporting.
  3. The HR department will contact the hiring supervisor to determine the most cost-effective methods of recruitment and selection. Only the HR director is authorized to approve expenditures relating to the recruitment of potential employees.
  4. Potential recruitment sources include:
  • Newspaper advertising.
  • Internet advertising.
  • Internet sourcing.
  • Retained agency search.
  • Temporary agency.
  • Employee referral.
  1. The HR department will submit resumes of qualified candidates to the hiring supervisor/manager. The hiring manager will identify the most appropriate candidates for interviewing.
  1. The HR department will conduct telephone pre-screens of identified candidates.

Selection Process

This process applies for external hires only.

  1. Hiring managers are responsible for conducting timely, effective interviews of qualified candidates for open positions. The HR department is available to advise hiring managers on interview techniques and final candidate selection.
  2. The HR department will conduct reference checks and background checks on the selected final candidate.
  3. Upon the selection of the final candidate, the hiring manager and the HR department will collaborate to develop an appropriate offer of employment (including position title, compensation, etc.).
  4. The HR department or hiring manager will extend the verbal offer of employment to the candidate selected. The HR department will prepare a written offer of employment for the candidate.
  5. Upon receipt of an offer letter signed by the candidate, the HR department will close out the requisition on the tracking report.


The HR department is responsible for the overall management of the recruitment and selection processes, including employment-related agency relationships, contract negotiations and maintenance, and the processing of new requisitions, offers and employees.