Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

Program Coordinator

As Director-Mentor and Program Coordinator of SWASH Village Program, I have a variety of roles and responsibilities, including designing, organizing and coordinating SWASH Village as a successful program working towards its desired vision, mission and goals with accepted common values, principles and approach.

My mission is also to work and contribute towards creating an increasing number of informed, evolved and globally aware young people who can act as responsible global citizens with the ability to influence the creation of a more healthy, peaceful and sustainable world. I am passionate about grass-root level sustainable development, community development, social work, and, global citizenship.


Assistant Program Coordinator (HR)

Born and raised in Germany, current resident of Austria, I have studied in various countries, including the Netherlands, Canada and the UK. After completing my International Baccalaureate in Germany, I did my Bachelors degree in Social Sciences from University College Roosevelt in the Netherlands, and hold a Masters degree in International Relations from the University of Aberdeen, UK with A focus on human resources management and development. I look forward to work in the field of international development with focus on Human Resources management and development. 

Currently, I have taken over the position of Assistant Program Coordinator (HR) at SWASH Village in my domains of interest such as knowledge creation and management, HR support and recruitment communications.



Assistant Program Coordinator 

My name is Debora, I am 22 years old. I am Portuguese but I study Environmental Chemistry in Montpellier, France.

I have always been very aware about environmental issues and I came to India to participate in a positive change. I also came to India to learn and experience a new culture and way of living. This internship has already brought me so much as I now understand all the aspects and challenges of Sustainable Development. What I find more exciting in this experience is that the NGO is mostly run by young people and interns providing immense opportunities for self development and leadership skills. We are all collaborating to make SWASH Village program and our NGO work grow everyday. I really enjoy having a broad vision of how everyone fits into the Organization and is participating in the positive change we are trying to create among the communities. This has lead me to become SWASH Village  Assistant Coordinator and the Country Ambassador.

I was also the Center Admin Coordinator at Gajner in Rajasthan. The community is extremely welcoming and interesting so I was really glad to be a part of this. My role was to handle all administrative aspects of the center: interns, expenses, facilities… It was important to create positive working dynamics in the team and make sure everyone is having a good experience!

As SWASH (Sanitation of Water, Air, Soil for Hygienic / Healthy Village) Assistant Coordinator, I am in charge of its knowledge and projects development. I provide assistance and guidance to SWASH Project Managers and make sure the related team is working towards the same goal. I really want to improve communication among interns because I firmly believe we have so much to learn from each other.