Weather and Climate : India – SWASH Work Locations

Weather and Climate : India – SWASH Work Locations


Leh – Ladakh /J&K

The centre in Ladakh, at an altitude of 3500m is cool during summers and closed from late autumn to spring(November to May) due to extreme cold.


Himachal Pradesh

In our centre in Himachal Pradesh, the summers are temperate reaching the mid to high 30’s.  This heat is a relatively short spell before the torrential rains of monsoons that last 3 months from June till September. At this time the temperature is pleasant, but the rain brings landslides, mud and some leaches too!  Winters are very cold and it will often snow in the centres in the mountain areas.  This can (but not often) bring some infrastructural issues such as power cuts (sometimes for more than a day), road closures and frozen pipes, if the snowing is prolonged.



In our centre in Punjab can be quite tropically extreme. In winter it is bitterly cold with temperatures rarely reaching above 10 degrees Celsius during the day. Summers are long and extremely hot and humid, often with temperatures reaching well into the 40’s. The monsoon also lasts from July to September, which often brings torrential rain.



The summers (May to July) in Rajasthan are long and extremely hot often with temperatures often reaching above the 40’s during the afternoon. The nights are pleasant. Sometimes there is a bit of humidity during the monsoon months of July and August. It doesn’t rain as much in this desert area though there have been few cases of heavy rains and flash floods during the monsoons. Winters are cooler but day temperatures still reach about 25°C.


Karnataka and Kerala

The centre in Karnataka (open November to April) has a tropical climate, reaching highs of above 30°C throughout most of the year and wet during monsoon season from June to September”.